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I Am Legend Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla



I Am Legend Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

I Am Legend is a great movie of will smith with fantastic horror and story of the movie.

There are many pirated movie sites on which i am legend full movie download in hindi is available to download for free.

But clearly these are pirated sites and we will recommend you not to use these pirated sites.

We recommend you to purchase the movie and then after watch it, or there is an amazon prime subscription or netflix subscription which you can take and watch the movie in hindi.

The pirated sites which on which i am legend movie is available for free are:

  • worldfree4u
  • moviesflix
  • khatrimaza
  • bolly4u

And many other pirated sites also.

I am legend full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

Storyline of the movie – I Am Legend has to be my top favorite post apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen.

The story line was very well plotted and the execution was amazing.

I don’t think you’re typically supposed to tear up during a “horror/thriller” movie but I deffinetly did (jk it was the onions).

Roberts (Will Smith’s) multiple tragic losses during the movie truly plays with your emotions hoping he finds the cure that clearly only he can create while fighting to stay alive, keeping you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

The movie is a wild ride of emotions that truly doesn’t cease to keep you highly entertained.

The only thing I dislike about this movie is the ending they chose, if you have seen the alternative ending then you know what I mean.

I’m not going to spoil it if you haven’t yet seen the movie, make sure you watch both endings).

All in all if you haven’t seen this brilliant thrill ride of a movie then I HIGHLY suggest you DO.

Since 2007 I’ve watched it probably 10 times finding things I missed after each time. – Whatwish

I love this movie. I watched it on netflix 3 months ago and has since been one of my favorites. Will smith did a great job in this movie. The fact they gave him a dog was great on it’s own. The dog made the movie slightly a comedy. The Song Three little Birds was a great addition and made the movie seem like The Dr. was trying to get himself and his dog to believe and know everything is going to be okay.
The fact that in the end it was revealed someone was telling a story made it seem like in the movie it was a big part of history. Great Movie. – Dreu Berry

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World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u



World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u

Download World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u easily from worldfree4u.

We do not promote piracy.

Worldfree4u is a pirated movie downloading website.

We will suggest you to purchase and then download the movie.

Also checkout I Am Legend Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla.

You can use amazon prime free trail to watch this movie in hindi full hd.

World War Z (2013)
IMDb Ratings: 7/10
Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (BLURAY)
Language: Hindi & English .
Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz
Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u

There are many site such as which is giving this movie to download for free but they are clearly pirated.

Movie Downloading Sites Such As-

  • worldfreeu
  • bolly4u
  • moviesflix
  • khatirmaza
  • allmoviehub
  • hdmoviesplus

Many more pirated sites have World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u.

Also checkout Puppeteerxmas.

World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u

Storyline – The zombie genre gets crowded day by day, but World War Z is one of the smartest films out there as this is more of a pandemic than a zombie movie.

It gave the most realistic portrayal of zombies ever done before.

Isn’t hopeless at all like other zombie films either. It is short, dramatic, fast-pacing.

WWZ centers around a former UN investigator with some knowledge about infectious disease, traveling the world, trying to get a fix on the zombie outbreak problem.

Hats off to the visual guys for making it all look and feel frighteningly thrilling. The best part of this film is the speed of the zombies here, they move faster than typical zombies. Some of the crazy shots with the zombies are so breath-taking that it literally got my eyes glued to the screen. WWZ is a must-see if you are into zombie movies. by Ali Moyeth


The movie, which was directed by Marc Forster and was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and a host of collaborators, evokes the hectic density of modern life.

Firstly Its stirs fears of plague and anarchy, and the feeling that everything is constantly accelerating. At times, it has the tone and the tempo of panic.

For me it’s the best zombie movie, but for you? Is it the best, or there are better zombie movies?
people ask me why it’s so hard to trust people, and i ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise.

Review 2

Antbull Review – To be honest – it was a big disappointment in my eyes.

I know the OP felt a sense of panic but I felt nothing of the kind.

In fact the as I watched it with glazed eyes and no emotion I realized the only zombie related to the film was me watching it.

I didn’t feel any sense of drama or tension at any point during the film.

There was no sense of jeopardy for Brad Pitt’s character and it never felt as if the film’s world was real – it seemed like watching a two hour videogame to me.

Plus I would take issue with the fact that it was a zombie film as zombies are meant to be infected humans.

There is no way that real people could make the ridiculous human ladders that were seen in the is film.

Read the book, it is amazing, but they did not use one thing from the book in the film (other than the name).

Or you could check out the early George Romero zombie films for an idea of what I look for in a zombie movie.

Sorry to be so negative, but that is just my opinion – feel free to tell me yours.

Review 3

gandalf26 – Agree with antbull 100% on every word.

Book is literally 100x better than the movie. I’ve read it 3 times in a year.

The greatest zombie movie for me personally is “Dawn of the Dead” 1978. Standing way above everything else.

Dawn of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead
28 days Later
Day of the Dead

and after those 5 I don’t think anything is worth mentioning, or is instantly forgettable after viewing.

World War Z Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download WorldFree4u

It’s hard to give this film lower than a 5 star.

This movie shows things that we’ve never seen in the zombie genre.

Zombies not only sprinting but zombies that climb on top of each other like ants to get over walls and skyscrapers.

The movie also portrayed the idea that if you’re sick with a different disease the zombies have no interest in you.

The opening traffic scene in Philadelphia is the most fast paced, intense zombie apocalypse moment in any movie.

Iamlegend zombies, dawn of the dead, 28 days/ weeks later, the walking dead, etc.

No other zombie movie or tv series has ever matched the intensity of these zombies.

WWZ is different. They were as different as they could be for making another zombie film.

I mean of course it’s going to be the same idea of any other zombie movie, with flesh eating, undead cannibals.

I don’t understand what people want if they’re unsatisfied or disappointed in a movie such as this.

Mean there’s only so much you can do for a movie strictly based on one thing (zombies).

This movie is under appreciated for the abundance of differences from other opposing undead films.

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